Flight Recorder

Flight Recorder is a simple and fun utility to record your flight for amateur pilots, hang-gliders and balloonists. Using your iPhone's built-in GPS or an external GPS unit, FlightRecorder will store both ground track and altitude, so you can see where you went.

Flight Recorder Screenshot


  • Choice of aeronautical units (nautical miles, knots, feet), metric or imperial.
  • Secondary display shows altitude over time, altitude by distance, or speed over time.
  • Map display is regular Apple maps with choice of satellite view - note that no special data is provided for aerodromes or airports.
  • Records in background while the device is locked.

NOTE: GPS does not function in ‘airplane’ mode, so Flight Recorder will not record any position or altitude information. Flight Recorder is designed only for situations where regulations do not require airplane mode.

For more information contact support@flightrecorderapp.info.

Screen Shots

  1. Left Menu
  2. Right Menu